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If you search for billing softwares on the web, you will encounter lots of desktop based softwares. But each of the software is suitable for every person looking for his billing needs and also it is not suitable in every situation for his purpose. With traditional billing scenario, some users demand for portable mobile billing. They need to make billing wherever they go, whenever they want. This is where ‘Android Billing Software POS’ comes into the picture. Billing Software POS is developed for Android mobile or tablet for fast billing.

Billing Software POS is the most popular android pos billing software on the play store and other android stores. With many active users around the world, it has gained huge popularity among users. Billing Software POS is android point of sale (POS) software is specially designed to those who need portable billing or who need to save their physical space on their shops, stores etc. Although we are used to desktop billing, it still lacks some of the important functionalities like portability, SMS functions etc.  Android device is now cheaper than desktop which saves your hardware cost. The software runs on most of the android devices smoothly however it depends on device performance. The software is offline billing software and does not need internet. However you can daily save your backup on cloud server at free of cost so that you can anytime roll back your data or change your android device. This also makes you free of trouble even after your android device is damaged or lost. The android software is easy to use. In few steps you understand how to use the application. You can also make fast billing with the app making it usable in crowd location.

The android pos software can be used in many retail areas because of various flexible options in the software. Since it is not another ERP software, you can use for direct billing to customers. Moreover you get lifetime access and free updates once paid for full access. This is unlike other billing softwares where you will be charged annually for maintenance. Since your data is protected and stored on free cloud server (Dropbox) you need not pay a dime once bought full version of software.

Salient features of the app


–          Make fast billing on your android mobile / tablet device
–          Create bill, view pending bill, edit bill easily
–          Set product quantity with app keyboard layout for fast performance
–          Share bill on social media like Gmail, Whatsapp, Skype and any other app installed on your device
–          Set remark for your processed bill
–          Set process button on top or bottom as per your convenience
–          Most of the printers are supported for bill print although Bluetooth thermal printer is recommended
–          Set default action for bill process like bill Process + Print or Process + Print + New bill
–          Auto connect Bluetooth thermal printer when you enter billing screen
–          Change product rate of any product
–          Change invoice number from settings
–          Allow compute change and optionally display on bill print
–          Allow making bill at custom date and time
–          Allow reprint of bill anytime (only admin can do this)
–          Make refund bill
–          Allow billing even when running low stock quantity of any product
–          Add customer from records and allow partial payment. Also add customer without any record
–          Send SMS to customer to as soon as bill is processed. Change message format as you wish
–          Almost 75% bill format can be changed so that you will have printed bill as per you wish
–          Add custom fields weight, MRP and anything as you desire to be printed on bill
–          Use external barcode scanner (attached via USB through OTG cable or Bluetooth) or use device camera for scanning products
–          Print last bill anytime on Bluetooth thermal printer
–          Search product by name or item code to add it immediately
–          Apply fixed discount or percentage discount to either bill subtotal or any individual product
–          Set screen resolution as per convenience
–          Use ‘iCode’ to make product entry by item code or ‘iMode’ to make entry by either item code or name for faster performance


–          Maintain stock of each product or disable stock management
–          Add / Change / Replace product stock easily either manually or using CSV file to one product item or all items immediately.
–          Show low stock alert on home screen for custom threshold value set by you
–          Allow negative stock if you don’t wish to stop billing
–          Set permission for user to change inventory
–          Add products easily and in less time by CSV created on your favourite CSV editor
–          Import products data by CSV or export to CSV file


–          Application supports most of the printers for printing bill using third party app with page size from small 2 inch receipt to A4 page and more. However Bluetooth thermal printer supports bill print as well as all reports printing and app performance is excellent on Bluetooth printer
–          You can change most of the fields on bill print making it customizable as per your requirements
–          Set custom header and footer of lengthy text and align their position on bill print
–          See Print Preview on the bill will be printed. However this will just give an idea Actual print will differ depending on printer and page size you set
–          Print any report on Bluetooth Thermal Printer


–          Import settings or export settings backup easily
–          Import or export data backup in one touch
–          Reset your bills data
–          Auto save your data daily on SD card or free cloud server (Dropbox) so that you are sure that you never lose your data

Product Fields:

–          Enable product fields like stock quantity, product discount, product tax, barcode functions depending on your needs
–          Show or hide product fields like serial number, weight, rate, quantity, item code and more  in your bill print
–          Change item code type from number to text and vice versa
–          Add custom product field like MRP, Manufacturer, Expiry Date or anything as you wish that will be part of the product structure
–          Show or hide any custom product field in your receipt print. Make it mandatory or optional type


–          Add as many users as you wish
–          Set permissions for users
–          See detailed reports for each user


–          Add as many customers under any area
–          Add customer attributes like name, phone, code, email, address 1, address 2, address 3 etc.
–          Import or export customer records by CSV file
–          Search customers by name, area or code easily
–          View detailed orders history, payments history, balance amount, paid amount
–          Send SMS message to customer when amount is paid. Set custom message format
–          Set remark for the customer when bill is processed or direct pay transaction is complete
–          View detailed customer sales reports, customer area wise reports