Faster way to place orders on your android mobile / tablet

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Restaurant Billing System is made for restaurants, hotels, fast food corners etc. Application is allows taking order from Android device easily and connects multiple devices simultaneously.

Restaurant Billing software has mainly following features:

Billing: Place order easily from your Android device. Make KOT (Kitchen Order Token) Print bill on your printer on one click Make PDF copy of processed order Set remark, select payment method Waiter Information in KOT

Settings: Add tables and alias for the same Add Payment methods Set currency, service tax, service charge, discounts etc. Add products manually. Also import and export CSV options available Import and export backup Set custom header and footer message for generating bill Support for many printers available

Reports See detailed reports for today, yesterday, last 7 days, current month, last month and custom date range Print reports See stock bill, product & user wise reports, product sales reports, stock reports, day end reports etc. Set customize options to define what should be included in the reports section Export reports data to CSV or PDF