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‘Bluetooth Print’ is an android app to print from your android phone / tablet to a thermal printer connected via Bluetooth. It is the most popular application on the play store among users who want to print from phone some texts, images, barcode, QR code, PDF, notepad etc. You can even print from your own website / web app to this Bluetooth printer app without creating your own android software with ESC/POS commands. Android Bluetooth thermal printer SDK is integrated into the Bluetooth print which makes it easy to print anything on your printer device

Salient features of thermal printer app:
– Add text in any format like normal, bold, double width, double height
– Create tabular data
– Add horizontal lines
– Add left and right aligned texts
– Add QR code / barcode with custom size
– Add PDF / notepad file
– Add text in your regional language which will print as image. Note that you can print text directly in your native language if code page is supported with your printer device
– Add short codes like date, time etc. which will print current data and time in given format at run time
– Print from your website. Just set a response page with JSON response at your server and set path in the app. Now click on a hyperlink on website which will pass parameters and open Bluetooth Printer app to print from android phone to printer device

Moreover it is totally free to download this thermal printer app. You can print on almost any size of printer.